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Invoices & Payment Methods

Invoices and Payment MethodsInvoices & Payment Methods

Invoices for services rendered will become due and payable 20 (twenty) days after invoice date. 

Our standard payment method is through Automated Clearing House (ACH). We encourage everyone to consider this. These invoices will occur on a monthly basis and are generally withdrawn by the fifth day of each month.

To comply with banking laws and regulations, please fill out the form by clicking here. Then, send this form using Secure Send.

However, should you not choose ACH payment, you may elect to pay your invoice in one of three ways:

Make a check out to RBSK Partners PC and hand-deliver or mail to the Greensburg or Columbus locations (click here for addresses),

If you use SafeSend Returns (SSR) e-filing, click the link within SSR and pay online, or;


You may make a a payment online. Follow the steps below to pay online.

1. Open in a new window (or look above these instructions).

2. Click the “Pay Invoice” button located in the banner of the website which looks like the image below.

Pay Invoice

3. You will then have the option of either paying by eCheck (No Fee) or Credit Card (2.95% fee), the screen will look like the image below.

Payment Options

4. Click your preferred payment method. A new webpage will open.


5. Option 1, for an eCheck (No Fee) payment

  • Begin by filling out ‘Amount’, ‘Additional Details’ and ‘Billing Information’.
  • Under ‘Payment Information’ select eCHECK. Highlighted below is where you will find this option.

eCheck Payment

  • Fill out the eCHECK portion of the form and submit your payment.


6. Option 2, for a Credit Card (2.95% fee) payment

  • Fill out ‘Amount’, ‘Additional Details’, ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Payment Information’.
  • The Credit Card Convenience Fee will be calculated automatically.

Credit Card Payment


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